Friday, June 12, 2009

Managing Contacts

Imagine you having family,friends and business contacts in different places such as Mobile,orkut,GMail,yahoo mail,outlook and phone book.
You decide to change your address and/or mobile number and now intend to inform all your contacts .

Welcome to the world of contact management!!!

Some of the applications which provide sophisticated contact management service are

  • UNYK claims to have more than 14 million users .
  • It synchronises all your contact info at a single place and can update all your contacts about your address change based on your preferences.
  • It is available in six languages.
  • It is available on Mobile.
  • Provides control for each of your contact’s level of access to your info.
  • Synchronizes your contacts with Outlook, your cell phone , and your Web address books.
You can find more information about UNYK features here.
  • plaxo provides contact management along with social networking.
  • It claims to host address books for more than 40 million people.
  • It has a dashboard for what your friends, family, and business contacts are doing.
  • It is available on Mobile.
  • You can share photos, videos, reviews and more. You have control over who gets to see what.
  • You can share content from the websites you use.
  • It's calendar syncs with Yahoo!, Gmail, and Outlook.
You can take a tour of plaxo here.
plaxo on youtube.

  • soocial provides a pure play contact management solution .
  • It works with outlook,GMail,Highrise,Mac Address Book,and Mobile.
  • It provides an API access for third party applications to integrate with soocial.
  • it provides OAuth authentication so you can allow external applications to access your contacts in a manner that doesn't require you to reveal your Soocial username or password.
Get to know about the soocial approach here.

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