Monday, June 15, 2009

MultiURL -Group All Your URLs To A Single One

Are you sharing multiple links with your family,friends or colleagues ?Then MultiURL will simplify your job.

MultiURL is a service which takes multiple URLs and converts them into one short URL that can be shared with any one you want.This takes the URL shortening to the next level and shorts multiple URLs at once.

This also provides some additional features along with shortening of multiple URLs as described below.

  • You can password protect the links.
  • Once Created the links can be added,removed and edited from the existing ones.

  • You can track the click statistics for your sites.
  • You can do effective branding and advertising for all your Websites.
The MultiURL link can be opened With toolbar or as a list or as Random links.Click the following links to have a look at them.
With toolbar
Browse list
Random link

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