Thursday, July 2, 2009

#moonfruit:Currently The No 1 Twitter trending Topic

I was just searching the twitter and found that #moonfruit is the No 1 trending topic at the moment .Moonfruit is a site maker which builds professional Beautiful websites .The home page says "Now over 2,155,185" sites built with Moonfruit Sitemaker.To celebrate the 10Th birthday it is giving away 10 new release Macbook pro's ,each day for 10 days. So how will you be eligible for the Macbook Pro ? All you have to do to participate is include the tag #moonfruit in any tweet on twitter . You can find more about the program at the moonfruit site.
I think this is a nice marketing idea to get noticed .Surprisingly another rival website builder Squarespace carried out a similar promotion where it offered 30 iphones in 30 days .But the company was blamed for giving gift cards and not iphones as promised .

But I think the promo is working for them perfectly .It involves less resources and cost effective to carry out a campaign like this and also takes less time from the twitter users .It remains to be seen if moonfruit is living up to the expectation by giving Macbook Pro .

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