Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yahoo Home Page : What has changed ?

Recently Yahoo changed its home page and came up with a new look which has many new things in it .So what are the most interesting things that yahoo has added in this page?

1.Status update if you are signed in (What are you doing?).
2.Add third party apps to your favorites.
You can now add various types of Apps to your favorite list.Some of the apps are also available for default.I tried GMail and facebook and now I can check my GMail and facebook details after logging into both of them.The GMail apps didnt show the updated inbox though.
3.Popular Searches on the top right hand side.
4.Video Panel.
The old yahoo page had two tab panels, each consisting of 4 tabs.The new home page now has a video panel and a normal textual panel and the position of both the panels can be interchanged.

Also have a look at the old yahoo page here.

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