Thursday, September 24, 2009

Share Files Online Without Signing Up

Sharing files one the web and distributing the link has many advantages.There are many service providers who are providing the same feature.

The popular URL shortener service recently added a new feature where you can upload a file and share the link with others.It allows you to upload a file without Signing up for the service.

Just click on "Link to File" inside or, Select the file you want to share and click on Shorten.You will receive a shortened URL to the shared file which you can share with others.The good thing about this is that you are able to upload and get a shortened URL with a single click.You also get the other features provided by .

The file sharing is done through partnership with yfrog, a twitter based application for sharing images and videos.

If you are looking for other providers who provide the same service then check .

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