Monday, October 19, 2009

How to get more space by deleting memory.dmp file on windows

I always make it a point not to install any software on C drive in windows to save space.But C drive gets filled up because of a variety of reasons.Each time the C drive is filled ,I go and delete the temp directory to free up space.

This time I was looking for ways to clean up the C drive and came across the file MEMORY.DMP inside C:\WINDOWS.The file size was a little more than 7.5gb.From the name it seemed it can be a log file and can be safely deleted.After a bit of googling I came to know that it is absolutely safe to delete memoty.dmp file.I deleted the file and immediately claimed 7.5gb of free space inside C drive.Then I looked for ways to disable the logging and found a way where you can completely disable the logging or reduce the size of MEMORY.DMp file.
Right Click on MyComputer->Properties->Advanced->Select Settings Under Startup and Recovery.Now you should see the Startup and Recovery Window as shown below.

Under "Write debugging information" you will notice that Complete memory dump is selected under the drop down and the dump file name is given as %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP.To remove the log file completely select none from the drop down.If you want to keep a small log file,then select small memory dump from the drop down.You will notice that the log directory has changed to %SystemRoot%\Minidump.Now you will be able to save some valuable space in your C drive.

Note:This is available in Windowx XP and Windows Server 2003.Not sure about the other versions.

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