Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to Share a Folder in Google Docs

You can now share a folder inside Google Docs.This will be helpful in cases where you want to share multiple files with some one.Instead of sharing files one by one ,you can put all the files in one folder and share the whole folder.

To Share a Folder follow the steps as given below.
1.Create a new folder through Create new->Folder.
2.Select the folder on the left navigation panel under my folders.
3.Click the Share this folder Drop down and select Invite people.
4.Enter the mail id of people you want to invite and click send to send them an email with a link to your folder.
According to Google:
when you share a folder, the new permissions are pushed to all sub-folders and docs within the folder. Normally this happens quickly, but occasionally, it could take a couple of minutes.

You can find more details about folder sharing here.

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