Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guard your kids by locking Google SafeSearch

Google offers a SafeSearch filtering to block Sites from the search results that contain explicit sexual content.Under the SafeSearch settings you can opt either for Moderate filtering or Strict filtering.Moderate filtering applies only to Google Image search results where as strict filtering applies to both image search and ordinary web search.

If you and your kids/family members use the same computer how do you make sure the safe search is on? Well google has added a new feature to lock your SafeSearch .Once locked the filtering mode is always set to Strict filtering and the search results page becomes visibly different so that you can tell whether SafeSearch is locked or not from a distance.

Now head towards Search Settings and click on Lock SafeSearch under SafeSearch Filtering if you want to lock SafeSearch.Check this video to learn more about the feature.

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