Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Add Contact Us page To Your Website using Contactify

If you have a blog or Website ,I'm sure you would like to collect feed back from your readers .You would like to set up a "Contact Us" page in your website for users to send their comments/suggestions to you.You would also like to hide your email id and provide a CAPTCHA for protecting you from the spammers.

That's exactly what Contactify does for you seamlessly behind the background .It has a Super Fast Sign-up box which accepts only the Email Address and Password and generates your Contactify link instantly .As soon as you activate the link (from your mail box) ,you can start using the URL provided by Contactify .

Now put the Contactify link inside your blogger or wordpress widget with proper style and title and you are done .When the user clicks on the "Contact Us" link,he/she is taken to a page from Contactify to fill up the details.The comments are sent to your Email Address by Contactify.

The problem here is that user goes away from your web page which obviously is not good.Do not worry ,it has a solution for you to keep the user inside your web page for taking feed back.

Go to the widget page inside Contactify and give your link and generate the widget .Copy the java script code generated by it.If you are using blogger the trick now is to create a new post with published date as some old date so that your post does not appear recent .Add your Contactify generated java script code to the Html window .Preview it and if you are satisfied save and publish the post.Now you are ready to receive feed back without displaying your Address from real users .
You can also do the same thing using google forms but without the CAPTCHA .

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