Monday, June 22, 2009

Embed Documents In Your Website From The Cloud is a service which allows you to host your documents on the cloud .Once in the cloud the document can be accessed in various ways.

It can be embedded directly in a web page or can be shown as thumbnails/links that open in an overlay on top of the page .

Along with the basic embedding feature it provides security , analytics and annotation features for the documents in the cloud.
Security:You can have complete control of the documents in your website .You can enable/disable printing and downloading to protect your documents . It's powerful API helps in restricting the embeds codes to only render on a given website for private documents .

Analytics: It provides ways to see how your viewers engage with your documents.It uses charts and maps to make you understand your viewers and take decisions .

Annotations: It allows the document viewers to make comments or corrections in the document using the red pen tool on the embed page .

  • The documents are displayed using a flash player .
  • It provides APIs to automate the creation of embeds .
  • Allows you to customize the document viewer for your site.
  • Allows to get feedback on your documents .
Go and give it a try if you want to display documents on your website .

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