Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Capture And Collaborate Any Web Based Content

Let us say you are searching for some information for your research work and want to take note of each interesting article that might help you in future.So what are the options you have?
1.bookmark them on your computer.(Then you can not access them on a different computer)
2.bookmark them on your computer ,then share and sync them using applications like XMarks browser Add on .
What if the content has been changed or removed after some time ?Can you access them now?
Let us take another example -You came across an article in a website which is not true and you want to contact the site owner .In the mean time the Website has corrected the info and does not agree to the mistake it committed .What are your options then?

Well ,iCyte is there for your help to solve many issues like this .It is a software which enables you to copy and save any we-based content on the iCyte server seamlessly .iCyte allows you to annotate any HTML file that you can access from your web browser .This is stored on your iCyte account for future reference .Later you can use the same for online sharing and collaboration ,and even embed it in your web pages for further use. You can even take annotations of product order confirmation screens ,product reviews ,online promotional offers ,You tube videos and many more. It even remembers and stores the URL and allows you to open the saved pages .So you need not book mark each and every page you visit for your research work .

The following video shows an overview of iCyte .
Currently it is available in IE and Firefox only and requires the installation of a plugin to your local system.iCyte client works with Windows ,Mac and Linux .

Watch this video to know more about how to create a Cyte.

So next time you want to save an interesting content from the web page or want to take a proof of something then go and use iCyte .

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