Friday, June 19, 2009

Conduct SMS Poll In India Free Of Cost

You can now conduct free sms based voting using . Audience can answer using SMS text messages ,Twitter or the web .Result is displayed live via the web browser or PowerPoint .

I opened an account in and set up a poll .The site offers a free plan for an audience size of up to 30 .

I set up a poll for favourite color with red ,yellow and blue as three options and it provided me three numbers corresponding to the three options .Now the audience can send in their replies through various channels using the unique numbers .I tried sending a text message to the given number and the result was immediately reflected on the website .

Currently it provides some limited numbers where the SMS can be sent and for Asian region it has an Australian number +61429883481 .you can also send in your votes using the site from a web browser or smart phone .One can also send the response using twitter .

This is the perfect platform for small business houses and groups to conduct SMS based voting in India . This can also be used by family or friends for conducting SMS based voting .

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