Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GMail Ninja : Which Category You Belong To?

The official post from Gmail on 23rd June wanted me to become a Gmail Ninja .I didn't really know what Ninja meant till I found this post.
It wants you too to become a Martial Arts specialist based on your usage of Gmail .It simply provides tips and tricks to effectively use Gmail for each category namely White belt ( If you receive few messages every day) ,Green belt (If you receive a dozen or so messages every day) ,Black belt (If you get a lot of messages everyday) ,Gmail master (If you get a massive number of messages everyday) .

It even provides a printable guide for you so that you will be able to pin it to your wall or keep on your desk.However If you think You are a Ninja already then you can share your own tips here .The best ones will be updated to online guide by Gmail team.

Check below to know If you are a Gmail Ninja already and let the world know which category you belong to.

White belt: You get a few messages a day

  • Use stars to indicate a note is special.
  • Reply by chat.
  • Organize your email with labels.
  • Clean up your inbox using "Move to" -- it works just like folders.
  • Search your mail instead of sorting.
  • Archive messages to tidy up your inbox without deleting anything.
  • Import your email and contacts from your old address.
  • Spice up your inbox with a theme.
  • Join forces to rid the world of spam.

Green belt: You get a dozen or so messages a day
  • Talk face-to-face with video chat.
  • Use Tasks as a handy to-do list.
  • Use filters to control the flow of incoming mail.
  • Highlight important emails using filters and colored labels.
  • Send email from your phone.
  • Preview attachments without downloading them.
  • Avoid email gaffes with Undo Send.
  • Tell your friends what you're up to with a status message.
  • Never forget an attachment again.
  • Tell everyone when you'll be back with vacation responder.
  • Nothing says "I'm excited" like a bouncing happy face emoticon.
Black belt: You get a lot of messages a day
  • Get through your mail faster with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use search operators to find the exact message you're looking for.
  • Filter your email with personalized email addresses.
  • See which messages were sent right to you.
  • Make Gmail go where the internet doesn't.
  • Quickly add multiple attachments to an email.
  • Add "(EOM)" to the subject of one-liner messages.
  • Set up canned responses instead of typing the same reply over and over again.
  • Click less and watch more using YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, and Yelp previews.
  • Use quick links to get anywhere in Gmail with one click.
  • Send and archive in one step.

Gmail master: You get a massive number of messages a day
  • Bring Google Calendar and Docs to Gmail.
  • Send SMS text messages right from Gmail.
  • Forget to sign out of a public computer? Sign out remotely.
  • Personalize your RSS feeds in web clips.
  • Access your mail via https.
  • Search for superstars by name.
  • Use Gmail on your own domain.

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