Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Instantly Translate Your Website Using conveythis

If you are looking to instantly translate your blog in different languages you can opt for conveythis.

This makes use of other online translators such as Google Translator, BabelFish, MSN Traslator, and Prompt to translate your website quickly and efficiently .Currently it supports translation in 40 different languages.You can also get access to other services such as website translation statistics . At present it provides three different type of services namely Premium , Standard and Lite . The Lite version is a free translation solution for individuals where as Premium and Standard solutions are for Businesses .You can integrate the translation button through a piece of java script code provided by conveythis.
Since it uses other translation services it gives the user an option to select the translation provider and that's the reason it's a two click process to get the page translated.

You can have a look on my blog to see how it works.

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