Thursday, June 11, 2009

Keep Yourself Updated With Google SMS Channels Through Mobile

Google labs India has recently launched a service called Google SMS Channels which enables its subscribers to get premium content free of cost from Google publishing partners, Google popular products and websites with RSS/Atom support on the mobile.The content providers can create a channel and the subscribers to that channel will receive automatic updates in their mobile whenever the content is updated based on the subscriber preferred time.The whole process of publishing and subscribing is quite convenient.

If you have a website with RSS/Atom support you can create the channel instantly on the website.The application provides SMS commands for almost everything that can be done on the website.I have been using the service for some days and it is really awesome.You get all the updates you are interested in your mobile free of cost.If you don't want to be spammed by a lot of messages during busy hours then you can configure to receive the messages during a specified time period and you can control the maximum number of messages you receive per day.Currently this service is available to only indian users and requires an Indian mobile number.

You can find more information about the service here.

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