Sunday, June 28, 2009

Onlywire :BookMark Web Content Through a Single Button

If you are submitting web content to Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit ,Digg or Stumbleupon then you know how difficult it is to login to each of the sites and submit one article. The URL Shortener service from Stumbleupon currently integrates with twitter and facebook so that you can post to both the places after shortening it. Onlywire fares better in this and allows you to submit to 30 bookmarking sites at the moment .Once you open an account with Onlywire you can provide data for onlywire to connect to all your social bookmarking sites .

Next time you wish to submit a link to multiple bookmarking sites you can do so with a single click by adding OnlyWire Browser Buttons and Bookmarklets.If you are a blogger or website owner you can add the Bookmark & Share Button below each post so that the readers having account with Onlywire can submit it to multiple sites very easily .You get an email alert instantly about the success or failure of the submission to various sites.The downside at the moment is that if a bookmark site requires CAPTCHA then Onlywire can not do it for you automatically.It also has APIs for developers.I tried to submit it to 10 bookmarking sites and it does work pretty neatly.

I would like to see two new things at the moment with the service.One ,it should some how take care of the CAPTCHA requirement and submit the article automatically .Two ,It should provide a GMail gadget so that I can use this right inside my GMail inbox .

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