Monday, June 29, 2009

Twitter In Last Two Days: SPAM And Unreal

Over the last two days few things about Twitter has baffled me so much that I can not find an answer.First the britney spears news and then the spam by twitterblogs both reported by mashable.We all have discussed and seen the pros of real time search and now the con of it .I always thought this can happen and now it's up to the Twitter and the whole Twitter community to think of ways to stop this .Now we all know how the "Real Time Search" can quickly become "unreal" .

Today Twitterblogs has sent spams as tweets and linking the message to a phising site which looks exactly same as twitter home page according to mashable.Once you provide your user details the scam spreads . With so many twitter related web sites who do we trust now ?How can we stop this from happening? I'm sure this will be discussed and debated over the coming days .What next ? To tweet or not to? Take your own decission.In the mean time I'm taking a caution approach.

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