Friday, July 3, 2009

Did You Notice Ads In Your Twitter Home Page ?

Did you Notice the text Ads in your Twitter Home page today ? If not then login to your twitter account and have a look.
It seems twitter has started showing sponsored definitions in the hope of generating money from twitter .Now this is big ! when everyone kept guessing for months how twitter is going to make money ,It has certainly taken the first step towards that without much noise .

The placement of the Ads is also important meaning it's just showing tiny little Text Ads which will tempt the curious users like me to click and see what's there inside . I did check the home page a number of time to see if I get different Ads.Yes I got some different Ads , to be precise 4 Threadless ,One iPhone app , Trazzler , cinematweets .Now the question is, Are the Ads Contextual ? It certainly does not seem so .To be specific I expected twitter to show Ads based on My own Updates .Then only it will make sense .I 'm sure twitter must be working towards that . Once twitter gets a sizable Advertiser signing up for them it can do that very
effectively . I'm eagerly waiting to see that happen .It remains to be seen if this is the business model of twitter or is it going to change in near future .

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