Sunday, July 5, 2009

How To get All your Social Networking Updates in One Page

In this Social Networking age we all have profiles across multiple social networking sites .At a particular point of time we are active in a few of them and inactive in others .When every day we hear about new Social networking service providers we start opening profiles in new sites out of curiosity and stop updating few of the profiles that we were using .

So how do you inform all your Friends each time you have a new profile with a new service ?How will your friends know about your updates across multiple networks ?And How do you keep track of so many Social networks ?
If you are looking for a solution to solve these problems then Friends Call Me can help you out in this .

This provides an easy way to organise and share all your profiles on the web.Once you create a profile in and claim All your profiles in other popular websites you will be able to provide a single URL to your friends so that they will be able track all your updates across Multiple profiles and will get to know about all your public profiles through a single URL .

There are other applications like orsiso which provide similar services .Orsiso provides an Adobe AIR application meaning you have to download the application to your desktop and currently it is integrated with few services than . also provides a user name availability check at some of the most popular sites .If you want to have a single user name at multiple sites and want to check the availability then it can check the availability for you .Then you can sign up and crate the profile if it's available and add it to your profile .There are other applications like namechk for doing the same thing .But when combined with aggregated profile offers the best value .

What are you waiting for now? Go and surprise your friends with a single URL about all your social networking association.

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