Friday, July 17, 2009

Eclipse India Summit 2009

I am here at the Chancery Pavilion attending the Eclipse India Summit 2009 organised by saltmarch.So far the summit has been going very well and I'm going to take you through few sessions that I have already attended.

The Morning session started with a plenary talk from Mr Ramkumar Kothandaraman from Microsoft about the Interoperability @Microsoft.He talked about PHP in windows ,PHP sdk in Windows Azure and the contribution Microsoft has made to the Apache POI project to add support of the Open XML file format .Basically the session was about the open source work Microsoft has been into in the recent times.You can get more details about the Apache POI project in this blog post.

The next session I attended was about Graphical Editing Framework(GEF) by Mr Annamalai from Ancit Consulting and Lavanya Konda from Progress Software.

From Eclipse site:
GEF allows developers to take an existing application model and quickly create a rich graphical editor.GEF consists of 2 plug-ins. The org.eclipse.draw2d plug-in provides a layout and rendering toolkit for displaying graphics. The developer can then take advantage of the many common operations provided in GEF and/or extend them for the specific domain. GEF employs an MVC (model-view-controller) architecture which enables simple changes to be applied to the model from the view.GEF is completely application neutral and provides the groundwork to build almost any application, including but not limited to: activity diagrams, GUI builders, class diagram editors, state machines, and even WYSIWYG text editors.

The next session After lunch I attended was about J Optimizer from Embarcadero.This session was really helpful in guiding how to solve memory leaking issues in java.

J Optimizer offers:
1.Memory and CPU Profiler
2.Thread Debugger
3.Request Analyzer
4.Code Audits and Metrics
5.Multi-Platform Support

According to Embarcadero
J Optimizer delivers a breakthrough solution for isolating and resolving performance issues during the development of Java programs and Java EE applications. Providing Java developers with a comprehensive environment for optimizing application performance and managing application quality throughout the development lifecycle,
J Optimizer enables you to deliver fast, scalable, and reliable applications.

There were also parallel sessions about Java Persistence ,Building Data Centric RIAs using eclipse,Eclipse patterns,Eclipse 3.5 PDE target platform and Design case study of a Complex Development Tool Built on GEF.

Thanks to Saltmarch Media for arranging the wonderful summit.I'm sure it'll help the developer community to get more information about the Eclipse-based tools and technologies.

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