Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bingtweets:real time search offering from bing

Bing has partnered with Federated Media and Twitter to bring BingTweets ,which displays twitter and bing search results in a single new interface.

The new interface has two search boxes ,two results panel (from bing and twitter) ,one trending topics panel from twitter and one panel to share the results.One search box allows you to search Bing and Twitter at the same time.

Bing results are displayed on the main part while twitter results are displayed on a side bar.This is useful for people who use twitter and bing a lot.You can also see the twitter trending topics on the top categorized under Popular Now,people,Places and Products.

This is what Bing says in a blog post regarding the partnership with Twitter.
How does partnering with Twitter make Bing a more effective decision engine? Many people share their thoughts on Twitter, and search engines don’t currently do a great job of capturing that real-time content. We designed Bing to help you make faster, more informed decisions, and, since people often turn to real-time content to help them make decisions, BingTweets was a logical next step.

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