Monday, July 27, 2009

Highlighting WebPages was never this easy

Want to highlight and share certain sections or paragraphs from a web page ? Roohit will help you do that.Other than the basic highlighting and sharing ,it does offer many more features which you should look at.To get started just type the URL of the webpage in front of (for example )and check for yourself.

continue reading to know the other features

1.Highlights are clipped ,collected and archived for ever at one place.
2.Integrated with EMail ,enabling you to send the highlighted pages .
3.Allows you to add comments publicly or privately.
4.Can be integrated with your website or blog with Web Button and Widget.
5.Provides a shortened URL and takes the user directly to the highlighted section whenever someone opens the URL.
6.You can combine multiple pages and mark a particular result as your favourite .

Other services which provide the highlighting feature also include iCyte ,AwesomeHightlighter and Markkit.

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