Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Access Google the Unix way

If you use Unix shell for your daily work,then I'm sure you will love this.goosh is the unofficial open source google interface which works in a unix-shell like interface.

Using goosh you will type the commands like you use your unix shell and the results will be displayed in the same page.You can search the web, news, blog, image, video in goosh.You can even login to your google account and check your mails from GMail.I used the web command for "tekunik" and compared the result from google.com .The results did not match and goosh output was a bit old. You can see the result as given below.

I also used the "lucky" command and "I'm feeling lucky" and both gave me different results.But it is a good tool to try out.goosh is open source under GPL.

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