Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to do everything on the Web using Query Language

If you are a developer you will simply love this.You can now search ,write and modify the web content using Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) ,that is similar to SQL.Yahoo had launched YQL some time back and till recently it did not have INSERT ,UPDATE and DELETE functions as part of YQL .Recently it announced the inclusion of above three functions to its existing set of YQL verbs.

Using YQL Insert,Update and Delete you can write and modify data on web services and applications .

Given below is an example from yahoo to create a new tweet from the YQL console .(You need to have an yahoo and twitter account to test this.)

click here to post to your twitter account using yql console

replace "twitterusername" and "twitterpassword" with your actual twitter user id and password inside YQL console.

Some Examples from the Yahoo page gives you an overview of what you can do. can insert new Twitter status message.
2.add comments to a blog and read them. data in a remote database and much more.

Other features from YQL:
1.Can be accessed from your application.
2.Can access Internet services that output data in HTML,XML,JSON,RSS,ATOM and microformat.
3.It is extensible ,meaning it allows you to define Open Data Tables to access data sources other than the predefined popular tables.
4.Outputs the result in JSON and XML format.
5.Enables you to join ,filter and pagination.
6.YQL Console enables you to run and test the statements from your browser.
7.Select statements can be run using HTTP GET and Insert ,Update,Delete statements 8.Can be run using HTTP POST ,PUT or DELETE.
9.Exposes a PHP SDK.
10.Provides OAUTH authorisation for private data.

If you want to have a look at it immediately ,Then I suggest you go to the yql console and play around using your favourite SQL statements.
You can find more about the YQL in yahoo.

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