Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to find Images for reuse using Google Image search

Want to find free images which you can reuse for your own purpose ? Google Image search will make it easier for you.Google today announced a feature on Image Search to help users find free images .

This feature will also help the artisits.This is what google has said in a blog post.
"This feature also helps artists who want their images to be discovered and reused across the web — on their own terms. Creative Commons licenses allow artists to specify the ways others may use their work. Artists can license their images for general reuse, or for noncommercial reuse only. They can also decide whether or not to grant people the right to modify or remix their images. Once they've chosen to make their work available online under these terms, Google Images helps people start to find and use it."

To use the feature go to the advanced image search page from google .Select "labeled for reuse" under Usage Rights drop down (see below).You can now see the results which is tagged as "Showing only images labeled for reuse".
You can find more about this in google blog.

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