Monday, July 6, 2009

How to receive your favourite news updates right inside GMail

If you are one of those who are quite addicted to GMail and want to keep themselves updated about the latest happenings from their favourite websites right inside GMail ,then it has a solution .

GMail has a feature called Web Clips which shows RSS and Atom feeds ,blog posts and sponsered links right at the top of the inbox.It allows you to customize the Web Clips in adding or removing the feeds that interests you .

Interested in customizing ?
1.Login to GMail.
2.Go to Settings -> Web Clips.
3.Then you can browse through the clips ,preview them and add them to your Web Clips.
Didn't find a particular feed or want to add your own ?
Then add the feed URL in the search box and click Search .preview it and add it if you are satisfied .Now onwards you will not miss any updates from your favourite websites.

At present it does not offer much customization other than adding a new feed .Going forward I would expect Web Clip to filter the feeds based on certain keywords and deliver me the filtered topics .It should also allow me to customize the delivery time and should push the messages to my GTalk IM. There are services like ZapTxt which allows me to do the same at present .Once this is available through Web Clip ,One needn't go to ZapTxt to get the filtered feeds delivered to GTalk IM.

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