Monday, July 20, 2009

How to remove "Messages from people you may know" from yahoo mail home page

Today I logged in to my Yahoo Mail account and saw some changes in the home page.Though these features were launched quite some time back I didn't notice them since I use GMail and rarely log in to my yahoo Mail account these days.

From the Mail Home page I can update my status ,can quickly see messages from some known people and see the top stories in a tabbed frame across different categories.

Now the interesting part is do a google search with "Messages from People You May Know" and you know that some people are not happy with it and want ways to get rid of it.If you are one of them who is looking to remove the same feature then continue reading.

In your Mail home page go to Options->Mail Options (right hand side) and you can see "Enable Connections" is selected by default.I assume by this time you already know the solution .If you still do not know then uncheck it ,save your changes and now you will be glad to know that the feature no longer appears in your home page.

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