Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to secure your text with online encoder

Looking for free online tools to secure your message ?
Want to bypass your company's E-Mail monitoring system for certain words?
Want to hide sensitive online information ?
Want to store your file in a file hosting service securely?

If your answer to the above questionnaire is yes then you can secure your message using the free online tools such as encodor,file-encryptor,infoencrypt.

you can secure your text using Encodor and infoencrypt .But if you need to encrypt huge data then you should look at file-encryptor .This allows you to encrypt your file .The encrypted file from file-encryptor is of type FE3 .While decrypting ensure that the file extension is FE3.file-encryptor also provides a secure connection (https)option ,but it does not seem to work at the moment.
While encoder can encode up to 400 characters ,infoencrypt has no such limitation.All the three providers offer free "no account required" service.

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