Saturday, July 11, 2009

Conversation Search: backtype vs samepoint

Today I came across samepoint ,another conversational search engine which has some interesting features.Once in the search result page you can do many things with the results.
You can find a Social Tone Which mentions about the negative and positive words.
You can tweet a particular result.
You can search for more results on a particular source.
You can translate the result in a different language.
You can also search the results under various sections such as Social Mentions ,Real Time ,Discussion Points.

Earlier I had posted an article about backtype.When compared with backtype ,I really liked the backtype features because of the following reasons.
The results from backtype are neatly organised and to the point.
I can directly reply to ongoing discussions.
I can create an account ,claim and share my discussions.
I can follow or subscribe a particular discussion and can create various alerts.
Can declare a particular search result as Fake or Spam.
Widgets for website owners.

In one sentence I can personalize and own the results to my own requirement.While samepoint tracks more websites (such as facebook ,mybloglog,twitter) than backtype ,the results from backtype are like "I get what I need".I'm sure we will very soon see new competitors in this area.

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