Saturday, July 18, 2009

List of Web Apps that work in Offline mode using Google Gears

Google Gears allows you to work offline with certain websites even when you are not connected to internet.It is available as a free add-in in Firefox and Internet Explorer.It is also supported on Google Chrome.Some of the Websites offer full offline functionality and others partial.Continue reading below to see how many of them you are already using in offline mode.

Switches to Offline mode automatically when you lose connection.
"flaky connection mode" on an unreliable or slow connection.
New messages are sent automatically next time Gmail detects a connection.
Allow you to do all of the things you're used to doing online
2.Google Docs:
Automatic offline access
Provides Read-write access to word processor (no new docs).
read-only access to spreadsheets and presentations.
3.Google Reader:
No Automatic Offline access .
Can read and update feeds.No new addition.
images and videos are not downloaded, in offline mode.
4.Google Calendar:
Read-only access to your events.

Enough Of Google Apps ,Let us see some other Gears enabled Web Apps.

5.Zoho:[Word Processor,Web Mail]
Available for Word Processor and Email.
Read and compose mail when you are offline.
Access documents stored inside Zoho account
Can edit them offline inside the browser.
Not automatic.
6.PassPack:[Password Manager](One of My favourites)
Not Automatic.
Download information from your Online account into your Offline Version.
No reverse sync (offline to online).
7.Remember The Milk:[TODO Lists]
read-write access to your tasks.
allows local search engines to search offline tasks.
8.Some Things:[Todo List Manager]
Not automatic
Read-write access to your tasks.
9.WordPress:[Hosted Blogging Service]
Transparent and full access to your personal posts and pages.
10.paymo:[Time Tracking & Invoicing]
Work offline and sync the data with the Paymo server.
11.MindMeinster:[Mind Mapping]
read-write access.
Pro Acct required.
12.Autodesk Labs Project Draw:[Online diagram Creation]
Lets you save your diagrams offline.

Some other apps that offer partial offline functionalities using Gears are YouTube ,Picasa,Buxfer,MySpace.

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