Friday, July 17, 2009

Eclipse India Summit 2009:Day2

I am here at the Chancery Pavilion attending the Day 2 proceedings of Eclipse India Summit 2009 organised by saltmarch.

The Morning session started with a plenary talk from Mr Dhiraj Bhandari from Oracle .He talked about OEPE (Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse),ORM WorkBench and Jax-Ws Webservices.He also touched upon a new feature from OEPE called Fast Swap which will help the developers in faster iterative development.
There was another talk by Mr Bharath Kasthurirengan about Enhancing the Productivity of RAD Using Websphere.

Then I attended three different sessions
First session was about Google AppEngine for Java and Eclipse Developers By Mr Janakiram MSV

He gave a short introduction about Google AppEngine and How to get started with Google AppEngine,How to access data on the cloud,and How to develop & deploy your applications to AppEngine using Eclipse.

This was a fantastic session and I'm sure others who are interested in Google App Engine would have enjoyed it.This was the best session in EIS(Eclipse India Summit) 09 for me.You can reach Mr Janakiram MSV here.

Check this video if you are Interested in knowing more about AppEngine.

You can visit the Google AppEngine page to know more.

Second session was about Fast track to Developing Online Analytical Applications Using the BIRT Tool By Mr
Munnangi Ravindra Babu.
This was about the introduction to Birt and how to develop an OLAP application using this.

Third session was about Lighting up Java Web Apps with Silverlight By MrJanakiram MSV.
He talked about the Basics of Silverlight development ,How to use the Eclipse plug-in for Silverlight and Integrate it with Java web applications.He also talked about the differnce between Flash and Silverlight and other alternatives .

There were also parallel sessions about BIRT Reporting Techniques,Design Patterns used in Eclipse,Introduction to OSGI/Equinox,Eclipse test automation tools,Eclipse as a Framework of Frameworks,Integrating BIRT Reporting Into Your Applications.

I really appreciate the effort by Saltmarch Media for bringing in this summit to the indian developers.

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