Friday, July 17, 2009

Now Submit and Promote your favourite Google Documents as templates

Let us take a practical example .You have created a very good spreadsheet using Google Documents for doing some financial calculation and think it will be helpful for others also.So can you publish and promote your document as a template?

Google has opened up the template gallery to the public and allows you to do just the same.Once you submit your template any one using Google Docs will be able to use it as a template.Templates need not be only Spreadsheets.It can be documents, presentations, spreadsheets and even forms.You can also embed the template to your own website once you upload the template to the public gallery.

I'm sure this is going to bring a lot of creativity into the google docs space.This will also increase and promote the use of google docs.

One word of caution:If you make any changes after a template is submitted,the changes will be displayed in the public gallery immediately.So be careful with your changes.It is better to make a copy of the published template and work with that before publishing the changes.

You can read more about the topic in this blog post from google docs.

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