Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chrome adds Bookmark sync

Chrome released a new feature called "bookmark sync" to the dev channel ,which helps users to keep the same set of bookmarks across multiple machines and stores the bookmarks in user's Google Docs account.

I had written about the XMarks add on in FireFox which does exactly the same thing.Now using the chrome bookmark sync I can access my bookmarks across multiple machines and also from my google docs under a separate folder called "Google Chrome"
inside "My folders".

To experience this you have to install the latest build from the Chrome dev channel.Your Chrome version should be at least installing the required version ,you have to activate the feature by giving "--enable-sync" in command-line flag.

The target path on my chrome shortcut looks as given below.
"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --enable-sync

Restart your Chrome and you should be able to see the menu "Sync my bookmarks...".Provide your google account details and you are done.Your bookmarks will now be copied to your Google Docs account under a new folder "Google Chrome".Repeat the same procedure to set up bookmark sync on your other machine and select "Merge and sync" after providing your google account details.

Now your both the machines will have same bookmarks inside chrome.I tested by adding a new bookmark ,deleting one and found that it takes approx 5 secs to be pushed to the other browser.The bookmarks are pushed to the other machines when changed.This certainly is a great feature and will help a lot of people who use different machines at home and office.One thing I would like to know is how and where Chrome stores my google account details.

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