Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GMail Adds contact chooser:outlook style

If you are using Microsoft Outlook then I'm sure you are familiar with this feature.Outlook has a feature where you can find and select the EMail address by clicking on To,Cc or Bcc while composing a new message.

GMail has added a similar feature called the contact chooser to help you choose contacts quickly by clicking on To,Cc or Bcc link while composing an EMail.When you compose a mail the moment you start typing on the To field you see some names because of Auto-complete and this is usually fast and does the trick most of the time. According to Google sometimes seeing your list of contacts can help you remember all the people you want to include on your email. So, we've added a contact chooser to Gmail.

You can search and add the names from the contact chooser.If you are using groups ,then you can select a particular group from the drop-down and select the contact from the particular group.

According to Google if you happen to use Gmail in Chinese, Japanese or Korean, being able to pick from your list of contacts should be particularly useful since auto-complete doesn't offer the same search as you type experience that it does in other languages.

You can find the details from this blog post.This certainly is a very good addition to GMail.

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