Saturday, August 15, 2009 launches URL shortener ,are you listening Blogger?

Recently has added a URL shortening service in to its popular blogging platform .You can now have a short URL for your post to shorten the address of your blog post using .

This is interesting since you no longer have to use any third party URL shorteners and you do not have to worry about dead links.This service is available only for users and that's the reason links will continue to work as long as is in business.

What are the other advantages it provides?
According to this blog post , is different in a few ways is the only two-letter .me domain in the world.
Every blog and post on has a URL now.
These are all exposed in the head using rel=shortlink.
It doesn’t work for any URL in the world, just ones.
The links are permanent, they will work as long as is around. is spam-free, because we are constantly monitoring and removing spam from

According to Amit Agarwal from the service supports 301 redirect but does not yet have an API.

Now it remains to be seen when Blogger will provide the URL shortening service to its users so that they can use shortened URLs without bothering about dead links.

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