Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to share with multiple bookmarking sites at once using "Send to" from Google Reader

Recently Google Reader added a feature to share posts to various bookmarking sites using a new "Send To" button.If you want to share an item ,simply click the "Send To" button and select the service you want to share with.

What if your favourite service is not present by default.Do not worry ,Google Reader team now provides an option to create a custom link by providing the Name,URL and Icon URL .Once you set up the custom link ,you will be able to share the item with your favourite service.
You can find the details about this option under Settings->Send To or by clicking here.

What if you want to share an item with multiple services ? Will you create multiple custom links and perform the "Send To" that many times ? I'm sure no one would like to do this.We all would like an ability where the item can be shared with one "Send To" action.Well, you can achieve that using OnlyWire, the Automated Bookmarking System.

If you already have an OnlyWire account then you must be knowing how to use the service.In case you do not have an account with OnlyWire ,create an account and set up your bookmarking sites.Once you are done ,come back to the Google Reader Settings page and create a custom link under "Send To" tab as given below.

Icon URL:

Save and you are done.Now you can share an item with multiple bookmarking sites at once.If you want to have more customization then you can find about the OnlyWire API here.At present it allows 5 submissions per day and a gap of 300 secs between two submissions.

If you are interested in more "Send To" tricks then check here.You can also read Amit's post to know How to download the Google Reader stories as PDF using the "Send To" option.

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