Friday, September 4, 2009

How to create a grid survey using Google Docs

Google Docs introduced a new feature in Forms on 3rd Sep which will help the users to quickly get answers for a group of similar questions in a grid format.The new Grid item allows to have a maximum of 5 columns and as many rows as users want.

So how to create a survey in grid format?
This particular survey shows all the new features that have been introduced along with Grid item.

1.Login to Google Docs and Click New->Form.
2.Select the Question Type as Grid from the drop down.
3.Fill in the field Question Title ,Help Text and Column labels (Select the appropriate No Of columns).
4.Fill in the Row labels.Crate as many rows as you want.
5.Select Make this a required question if you want to make it mandatory.
6.Click Done and now you are ready with the survey.

The next question:How do you show the survey results to the respondents ?
To do this Select More Actions->Edit confirmation.In the Confirmation window select the check box "Let everyone see response summary" and then save.your survey results can now be seen by others.

You can submit the survey details as displayed above in this post and see the responses immediately after submitting.

As displayed in the survey Google Docs has also introduced some other interesting features such as
Improved results summary charts.
Bi-directional language support (support for Right-to-Left(RTL) text support).
Sign-in to view form (if enabled user is required to sign-in to view a form).
Pre-populate a form with parameters (developers can pre-populate a form with data).

You can find more details about the features from the Google Docs blog post.

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