Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to hide your Facebook Notes from everyone

If you are a Facebook user then you know How useful the Facebook Notes are.You can share your views,express your opinions and do much more using the Facebook Notes feature.But some users find it useful to keep the notes private and do not want to share it with others.Facebook provides an option to do this.Follow the steps as given below to hide your Notes from outside world.

1.Click on the Notes to go to Notes Page.
2.Click on "Edit notes privacy" under Notes settings. (Shown on the right side of your Notes page)
3.Select "Customize" from the drop down under "Who can see this?" .

Now you will see another pop up window as shown below.

4.Select "Only me" under friends.
5.Select "None of my Networks" under Networks.
6.Click Okay and then Save to save your privacy settings for Notes.

Now no one except you can see your notes.

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