Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to get a temporary EMail ID

If you are an average Internet user ,chances are that you are signing up for multiple services across the web and giving away your Email id.

Some times you register for a service or participate in a forum discussion and never use it after that.You end up registering across a number of sites which you do not use and yet keep getting Notification mails from those services.You even get spam mails from a lot of these services.

In this situation what you really need is a temporary Email id which will expire after some time.You will use the temporary id to register for the service and then forget about it.10 Minute Mail is a service which does exactly this.As the name suggests it gives you an Email id just for 10 minutes.

You need not register to get your temporary id.You get your Mail id in the home page and then can use it where ever you need.If you need more time then you can request for another 10 minutes.Once the time is over the Mail id is self-destructed.

This is a very neat and amazing service.I am sure this will help a lot of users in keeping the mailbox clean.

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