Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bing Visual Search: A great Innovation

For long ,search engines are displaying users a list of links as the search results.We all know how Images help in explaining a particular topic as compared to text.Images also help consumers in better and faster decision making.

Bing is certainly one step ahead than other search engines in understanding the above facts.It recently launched a new feature called "Visual Search" which is a new way to refine search results through images.This is significant since Bing positions itself as a decision engine and not just another search engine.

To experience visual search first thing you have to do is to set your county as United States by going to .Go to preferences change the location to point to America and then save settings.You have to do this step as this is currently enabled only in US.Now you can access the visual search at .

You can try Digital Cameras under shopping.Now you can scroll through the results from the scroll bar available on the right hand side.You can also refine the results further using the criteria available on the left side.For example you can narrow down the search by Mega pixels or Brand or Optical zoom.When you take your mouse over a particular model you can see the details in the search text box and under it.Select a particular product and now you see the results in familiar text links.This certainly helps in finding the right product easily in quick time.

By looking at the results You now know that at present it only supports structured data.Check this post from readwriteweb to know the complete list of current topics that will pop up Visual Search as an option.Now it remains to be seen if Bing can dynamically support visual search instead of predefined structured data.In the coming days we will see other search engines working in this area and bringing out some great innovation.

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