Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to Hide Facebook friends

Do you have a situation where you do not want to show the friend list to other friends in your facebook account?Facebook allows you to do this through custom privacy settings.

To do this go to your profile privacy settings by clicking Settings->Privacy Settings->Profile or by clicking facebook profile privacy.Under Friends Select Customize from the drop down.Select "Only Friends" under friends,Select "None Of My Networks" under networks.Now start typing the names of those people whom you do not want to show your friend list under "Except these people" .Click Okay and then Save changes.You can even include a friend list.After doing this ,you must be wondering how this will work or what information will be visible to a particular friend when your friend sees your profile.Facebook provides a easier way to test this ,so that you can verify your privacy settings changes.In the same privacy settings page type your friends name under the text
box "See how a friend sees your profile:" (as shown in the 1st image)and click Enter.Now you can see that your friend can not see your friend list.However your friend can see the Mutual Friends.

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook?
I thought of writing this since lot of people are visiting this page by searching for this.At present you can not hide Mutual Friend list from your friends on Facebook.I will update this if facebook adds this in future.

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