Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to Attach Large Files with Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail Users can now attach up to 100MB of files to each mail using's application Attach large Files.To use this You should enable the application first if you have not done so.To enable this go to applications and click on get started link at the bottom.

You should see application on the left hand side of your yahoo mail page if you are using the new Yahoo! mail.If you are still using the Yahoo Mail classic ,it's time you change to the new interface by clicking on "Try the new Yahoo! mail".

To send mails with large files ,click on "Attach Large Files" under the Applications menu.Then select your files by clicking on "Select Files" and then click on "Upload and Compose E-mail".

Once you send the mail the recipient gets the mail with links to view and download the files.The attachments expire in 30 days.Yahoo Mail Users can also see and manage the past attachments.

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