Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to get more screen space with Chrome Browser

We all love Google Chrome for its minimalistic design.It helps users in saving a lot of screen space.If you are still looking for some more screen space while using Chrome browser then this post will help you achieve that.

1.How to hide the Chrome bookmark bar ?
Chrome always shows the bookmark bar just below the address bar or the Omnibox.Do you know that you can hide this bookmark bar? Just use the shortcut Ctrl-B to hide the bar.You can again use the same shortcut to show it.You can also right-click on the bookmark bar to hide it.

How to convert the Bookmark bar to a menu ?
Now that you have saved space by hiding the bookmark bar ,Do you have a feeling that you can no longer access the bookmark bar by default ? Well, you can convert the bookmark bar to a menu just to the right of Address bar.You have to use a new command line switch to convert the bookmark bar to a menu have to activate the feature by giving "--bookmark-menu" in command-line flag.Right click the chrome shortcut and select properties.In the target box add --bookmark-menu after chrome.exe .

The target path on my chrome shortcut looks as given below.Note that there is a space after chrome.exe and you can use multiple switches in your chrome shortcut command line.
"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --bookmark-menu

Credit for Bookmarkmenu:downloadsquad

2.How to hide the Extensions bar ?
If you have enabled Extensions in Chrome then you will see an extension bar at the bottom just like your bookmark bar.Hide that using the shortcut Ctrl-Alt-B .To display it, again use the same shortcut.It will be nice if we can also convert this to a menu just like we did it for bookmark bar.

3.How to Shrink the tabs to Favicons only ?
Did you know that you can pin the tabs to shrink them down to just the web site's favicons? Well,just right click on any tab and select "Pin Tab" from the menu.The tab has been converted to just a favicon and it is now at the first place.Next time when you want to pin another tab ,just drag the tab to the left of the already pinned tab and it will be automatically converted to a pinned tab.You can still use the right click to pin tabs.This will help you in saving some tab space if you are working with multiple tabs.

How do you revert back the pinned tabs ?
You can do this in two ways.Either right click on the pinned tab and unselect "Pin Tab" or drag the pinned tab to the extreme right till you see the full tab and drop it there.

Hopefully the above tips will help you in giving some more space.

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