Saturday, October 10, 2009

Google Squared :One step closer to come out of Labs

Google announced a number of improvements to its ambitious project Google Squared which automatically extracts unstructured data from web pages and presents the search results as squares.Google says it will be particularly useful for research oriented questions where the answer is scattered through out the web and must be combined to bring out meaningful information.

Let us look at those improvements.
1.Now the first search result could include up to 120 facts -up to 20 rows and 6 columns.
2.It has improved the quality of information.
In fact I checked a couple of queries and observed that it really has improved.Though it still has a long way to go before it can come out of labs.
A search for indian states gave me the results I expected.I was also curious to search for nobel peace prize winners.The result didn't include Barack Obama.3.It now has the ability to sort columns.
4.You can now export the Data from Squared to Google Spreadsheet or a CSV file.This certainly will be very useful.people can now export the data to Google Spreadsheet and share it with others very easily.

You can find the official announcement here.

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