Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Search for Similar Images in GazoPa

Some days back I wrote about SAPIR ,Which IBM is currently testing in collaboration with the European Union consortium.Today I came across another interesting program GazoPa which also provides Similar Image Search and looks much more powerful than SAPIR.

GazoPa provides various methods to search for Similar messages.You can upload an image,Draw a picture,paste image URL into search field or enter a keyword to the search field to search for images.It has also built an iPhone App,a Facebook App,a Firefox plugin and a bookmarklet to complement the service.
I did a couple of searches and was satisfied with the search results.Another important feature it provides is the combined search where you can provide an image and a Keyword to search for similar images.

SAAPIR currently indexes flickr for image search and BBC for video search.GazoPa claims to index more than 60 million pictures that also includes flickr.It even allows you to filter out the Flickr images without a Creative Commons license.
In the result page it allows you to filter the images based on size ,time and various other options.Hover your mouse over a particular image in the result page and you will see a lot of information about the image such as size,similarity in percentage with the base image,originating URL and a search option to search for similar option.

Have a look at the GazoPa in this video to know more about it.

You can find other GazoPa related videos here.

This has added a new dimension to the search.Going forward we will see some big players joining the race.

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