Thursday, October 29, 2009

Use Twitter Lists to organize information

I logged into my Twitter Account today and was pleasantly surprised to see the Twitter Lists in my account.Lists allows you to organize information in a better way.

Using this you can create Lists of Twitter accounts and mark them as public or private.They are linked from your profile.If you create a List as friend then you can directly access it as users can even subscribe to the Lists created by you.You can even use @(user)/friends to reply to the List.Lists menu is available on the right hand side below the Search box.

Lists can also be used for mass following people on twitter.Now onwards you will also see another menu option to add users directly to the Lists.That means You can even add users to the list without following them.It is still not clear when the Lists API will be available for developers .But once it's available we will see a lot of third party apps developing innovative solution around this.This is going to be an instant hit among the twitter community.

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