Saturday, October 24, 2009

Google Reader adds magic:Gives you another reason to believe that RSS is not dead yet

Which side of the RSS debate are you?If you believe in RSS story then you have got one more reason to feel proud about it.

Recently Google added two new things to the Google Reader to help users find interesting items faster.

Sort by magic:Until recently Reader had two sort options for feeds , "Sort by newest' and "Sort by oldest".This has been enhanced by adding another sort option called "Sort by magic".If selected ,it re-orders the items in your feed and presents the topic in an order that is important for you.This is personalized for every user and the re-ordering happens based on "like' and "share" activity.That means the magic sort gets refined properly if you use "like" and "share" more frequently.

Popular items:You now have more ways to find interesting stuff .Google reader introduced Popular items under a new Explore section.Popular items contain top-rising images,videos and pages from the Internet and is ordered automatically to your liking.

I had a look at the popular items and it just seems that Reader displays this based on "like" count.

These two features will certainly help users in discovering great content much faster.I'm already sorting the feed items by magic rather than the chronological order.You can find more about this in google reader blog post.

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