Saturday, October 24, 2009

Facebook now has a new HomePage:Are you satisfied?

I am sure you must have seen the new Homepage that facebook released sometime back.Let us look at the changes first.
Highlights section that you used to see in the right hand side has been merged to News Feed.
You will now see two feeds in your home page Namely News Feed and Live Feed.

News Feed will focus on popular content, determined by an algorithm based on interest in that story, including the number of times an item is liked or commented on.
Live Feed will display all recent stories from a large number of a user's friends.

News Feed is similar to Google Reader's "Sort by magic" feature introduced recently.

While this is a great change and has been appreciated by many ,I do have certain problems with this change.When I first logged into my Facebook I was surprised to see that my HomePage is filled with Highlighted Material.The problem with this is that facebook does not give me an option to hide these items.I can change my privacy settings not to show my highlights to other friends but I do not have control to hide others highlights.

If you are also worried like me then you can use facebook lite till facebook provides you an option to hide others highlights.

The second problem I feel is the introduction of two feeds News feed and Live Feed.I have a feeling that some of the users may not be able to understand them because both of them will now have some overlapping items.

I also observed that this has been announced in facebook developer blog.From a technical point of view ,facebook has cleaned some of the APIs and has provided guidelines about the API usage.This is going to help facebook and other third party applications.

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