Monday, October 5, 2009

Yahoo in "The Times Of India" Front Page to Promote new Home Page

I got up early morning and was surprised to see the Front page of "The Times Of India" ,India's largest English daily.The front page carried a full page Yahoo advertisement.
I was curious to know if it's something new that yahoo is launching in india.Then I checked Yahoo India and came to know that it's simply promoting the new home page ,it launched few weeks back.The Yahoo India home page is also running the same ads today.It leads to which has the details about the new home page.

The Yahoo India home page also carried an article under TOP STORIES section as Watch out! Internet gets new managers.This is what yahoo has said about the new campaign.
"This is much more than an advertising campaign," said Elisa Steele, Yahoo! executive vice president and chief marketing officer. "It's about how Yahoo! delivers its promise to the market in everything we do. Our brand strategy shows our commitment to delivering personally relevant online experiences," she added.

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