Monday, October 5, 2009

Create and Share a Web Page Instantly from EMail

Let's say you want to share the contents of an EMail with few of your friends instantly.What are your options? Well,you might look for social networking sites like facebook to share the content.If you own a website you might consider that also.

What if you do not own a website and you want to create a web page instantly so that you can share it with others.A new service called moomeo will help you in doing that.All you need to do is send an EMail to .Sounds unfamiliar?What it does then?

It creates a web page instantly with your content and sends you a reply with the details of the link.It also sends a powered shortened URL to help you in sharing.

How does the web page look like?It contains your EMail content that can be shared with others.It even supports attachments.People can also collaborate by posting comments and subscribe to the comments by RSS or EMail.Done with the sharing and want to delete the content from the moomeo server? It gives a link to delete your page from the server in case you no longer require the content to be shared.Make sure not to delete the Mail you receive in response to your EMail,because that is the only way to manage your posting.

You can even use bookmarklets to send the contents from your browser to moomeo using GMail or default Mail client.Check the following two bookmarklets.

GMail moomeo!

Send to moomeo through Default Mail Client

Though there are other ways of instantly sharing the web page contents ,you might find the above two bookmarklets useful if you are using moomeo.

Share your comments if you know any other services which allows to create web pages instantly without needing a registration.

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